dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Town of tiny loops

Mami Chan - Mauvaise Graine

Musically piloted by the lady herself, in charge and control of every details from the musical scores to the home recording, self-made impressive mix and carefull fabrication featuring her long-time friend Stéphane Blanquet on the graphic side, here comes Mami Chan's brand new solo opus, after more than 10 years of waiting since her last solo on APC.

Remembering our first contact with her music brings us back in time more than 15 years ago right to the pages of the fanzine Popo Color, when it started advertising her first album on the Saravah's sublabel Popo Classic Collection run by Pierre Barouh's son Benjamin Barouh. However, while these early albums were joyfully developping a baroque sandbox dimension, with a generous excess of tools, guests or directions, this new one limits itself to Mami's most fundamental characteristics on purpose, until a wonderful coherence arises.

Striking is she, in the way that she owns a sense of how to place things, sincerely, accurately. Strong even in its simple moments, detached from any care regarding trends, the result is moving in its honesty, from intimate songs to orchestral instrumentals, intricate with neoclassic piano pieces highlighting her feeling in riffs: playing as a keyword, until your hands happily start to drive out of the road.

During the past years, Mami Chan worked a lot through a galaxy of collaborative projects, including music for the animations of Blanquet, in charge of the illustrative work for this specific object. An appropriate collision between his dark-inked universe and a music that exactly required such ambivalence to get revealed for what it is: not as naïve as you might think at first sight. There's oddness, melancholy, small dramas also in this collection of characters, shadows, plants and insects: promenade in the woods, friends, or village parties, it's never that simple.

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Mami Chan - Bon voyage - Bon bon bon

May this post be an opportunity to quickly explore a few things from the past. Extract from the Love and Beauty limited promo EP, here comes, according to me, one of the best example of her early years madness: four tracks in one, arranger keyboard abuse and woody wild drums for a deviant unique instrumental anthem.

Mami Chan & Haco - Mori no kuma san torokéru sugar

And, as a last nugget on the lo-fi side, another tune featuring the ultimate revered queen Haco, extract from a now sold out 1 minute women collective 7" published by the parisian collective Dokodoki.

++ Archive pics thanks to and courtesy of Yama

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