vendredi 2 avril 2010

After Dinner

I'm not sure I could quote another 80s japanese band whose arrangements may sound to me so stunning and sophisticated, merging absolute freedom, permanent exigency, purity, and lisibility all together in a record that passes the year's test remaining freshly intact.

Completely ahead on its time, Haco's legendary band After Dinner was, when it released in 1984 this unique blend of avant-rock, traditional elements, new wave and experimentations on recording and mixing techniques for Chris Cutler's label Recommended records.
Apart from the mind-blowing audacity in instrumentation, the overall structure also guarantees permanent surprises, jumping from songs to nature recordings, abruptely cutting a long serial string evolution or playing with signal deteriorations the same way many other did more than 15 years later.

Actually more an open collective than a band, it didn't have a fixed lineup but was evolving depending on each release or live performance, including various guests and special contributions around the head of Haco.

This classic is still avalaible on Cd from Recommended records, enhanced with a lot of extra content. Lifelong pleasure for such a low price, support ReR and get it here:

After Dinner - Sepia Ture 1

After Dinner - Cymbal at dawn

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  1. After dinner's producer Utunomiya Yasushi's website is here.

  2. Interesting ! So he also worked for Jon or Shonen Knife, among others... Thanks !

  3. yes he is a teacher of my music school and he came Gangpol& mit concert at Osaka.