lundi 1 novembre 2010

Antilles #3


Henri Debs & Serge Christophe - Bidonville

Syrian born producer & musician Henri Debs played a major role in the 60's & 70's French Carribean music scene. Raised in a record shop-owning family, he is known as the first middle east oriental interpreter of creol music & proclaimed himself the new Antillean music savior:

"Disques Debs sauveur de la musique antillaise. Si on la défend de nos jours c'est que Debs l'a sauvée jadis"

Here on a Baden Powell cover, along with singing partener Serge Cristophe with whom he recorded several 7" singles & LP's...



Marius Cultier - Cuanavaco

To end comes a latin infused track with insane & chanting scat from martiniquean pianist Marius Cultier. Depsite the fact Cultier never reached popularity, he was the first artist to employ the "ZOUK" term. At last, I sincerily advice you not to start with the only cd rendition entitled "morceaux choisis vol. 1" which disppointed me quite much as more versed on the jazz virtuoso side of the artist.

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