vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Antilles #2

More vintage french west indies music!
Read first part HERE.


Les Vikings - Assez Palé

Aka Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe,which line up included members of the forthcoming Antillean zouk heroes band: Kassav.
Should I mention the "Aux Ondes" logo on the label for musicians who used to record at the mythical "Studios Célini".



Eric Cosaque - Guadeloupe Ile de Mes Amours

Cosaque the "Gwoka" virtuoso was best known for his politically charged lyrics and singing his vision for the "Nèg-mawon" ancestor... (figure for the fugitive slave and a term synonym with "resistance" in the french carribeans)
Maybe his rarest Lp, recorded along with ryhtmical section "Voltage 8" (appart from the song posted, which appears as an exception on the record).

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