jeudi 22 avril 2010

Les pays de tout en tout

A flea market classic from 1978 that should appeal to all the Joël Fajerman's lovers, composed by Dominique Laurent on notes and intentions by french mimes Pinok & Matho.

Les pays de tout en tout can be related to this french moog music's specific wave in the late 70s, at a time when interest in "body expression" was rising and a dedicated record production consequently increasing.

Indeed, the label Unidisc released a whole serie of records intended to constitute a precious ressource for dance teachers or educators.
While those composed by Francisco Semprun et Michel Christodoulidès were more based on modern jazz percussions, piano or wind instruments, there's a specific interest Dominique Laurent's production, which developped an electronic approach: tunes are inhabited by a specific use of all the synthesizers' possibilities in order to suggest movements to the bodies with bass bubbles, expressive pitchbends, or heart-breaking textures...

Les pays de tout en tout - L'appel de la terre

Les pays de tout en tout - Tout en reverie

Les pays de tout en tout - Tout en cancans

Les pays de tout en tout - Tout en catastrophes

Pinok et Matho released a total of 4 records in company of fellow musicians, with a willing to do both music for pedagogical use as well as sound elements for their shows.
Métamorphoses and Espaces dynamiques were composed with Francisco Semprun et Michel Christodoulidès, who were musicians for their dance & mime lessons. Les pays de tout en tout, by Dominique Laurent, is directly related to a piece for children, while Fantasmusic was actually also the soundtrack for one of Pinok & Matho's shows (Abracadabracula).

All these tunes were intricately elaborated al together in studio. The musicians were very familiar with the mime's pedagogical views and stage appearances , therefore had a long experience of improvisation on movement: a theme was announced, improvisation was recorded, then discussed, agreeed or discarded.

Dominique Laurent, today hard to trackdown, was working in his studio dedicated to synthesizers only, and composed scores for various purposes, including TV anthem for french cartoon Plume d'Elan.
More posts related to the Unidisc collection to come in the future,
To be continued.

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