mardi 20 avril 2010

French Commercial Works

Here for you, two commercial works from promotional records, by two famous very french " songwriters " trying to make ends meet.

How to make a totally crazy work close to Zappa and Hendricks style
to sell plastic office furnitures.

Modu'Class - Jacques Breton

Modu'Class - Louis Chedid/Arnaud de Scriba - 197?

And here comes a " ritournelle ", absolutely entêtante, to blow the merits of a very bad restaurant !

Fous de l'entrecôte, amoureux des côtes
Fanas du faux-filet, amateurs d'onglets
Tailleurs de bavettes, amis du rumsteck
Venez chez moi !

Hipposong - William Sheller - 1981

>>> 45t Louis Chédid

>>> 45t William Sheller

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