dimanche 12 juin 2011

Mezclas, Modern Champeta Sounds


Dra - El Gato

Coming out from mp3 crds I got offered from friends, hours of intensive donwloading on some peer to peer softwares and few song trades with other colombians djs are selected tracks of what I presume could be described as modern champeta sounds (which DJ Champeta Man from Palenque Rds once confirmed me).


Unknown - El patacon

Sampling madness for what could sound like some answer to brazilian funk music. Vids on youtube are better than any attempt to describ for those champeta mezclas...

Also, regarding the quality for the uploaded song I don't know if those are live recording or studio ones but I'd say most of them seem to be total live improvisation.

Unknown - La Pirra


All pics from the post are taken from Africolombia's "Picos Sound System", go have a look as there is a lot more on the blog.



For related post, DJ Afred Hitchock Magazine previously uploaded some cheesy 80's Elio Boom champeta music HERE.


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