dimanche 5 juin 2011

Brazil - Kodiak Bachine, 80's Avant-garde

Kodiak Bachine is an organic and electronic progressive one-man band from the great country of Amazon river, Iguazu falls and kings toucans.

He played during the 80's an electronic avant-garde music with some productions references to the incredible extravagance of brazilian vegetation and the mystic of life, instead of mechanicals thematics and electronics first semblances. A kind of mix bettween A. Jodorowsky, Kraftwerk and François de Roubaix. Before his solo carreer, he played solicitating in a band called Agentss, in the same axis, but with a bit less of flamboyance (for me).

His great hit is called "Electicidade" 1982, and the video won lots of awards :

You can find for free quasi all his musical work on his website here,
and also some quite cool drawing works he does.

I highly recommend you to have a look at his pre-90's music works...
Here are two tracks that I love especially :

Beijos grandes e saude !

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