lundi 21 février 2011

Sahel's Sounds

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If you're keep looking for interesting music from all over the world so you should check this blog. It is run by an american Ethnomusicologist who traveled a lot in this area. Of course everybody have already heard the sound of the tuareg's guitar. Beautiful stuff like Tinariwen. But on this blog you may find also modern stuff, and things he record by himself.

Here's a splendid love song in french by a African hobo:

Le marchand de sable - Laila (Africa - 2010) - 4:20

You will also find there two very good releases : "Music from saharan cell phone". In this region people use cellphone as mp3player. Forget K7. This is now the first way for listening music in this zone. So he swap these track from cellphone to cellphone via Bluetooth with the people he met in Kidal (Mali).

So here come a few tracks from these major compilations.

From # 1:

Kabablon Blon - Moribayassa (Mali/2010)
Balani show. A Kind of coupé décalé from Mali

From # 2:

Yalah (No more info) - 1:03
A kind of arabic musical youth

Lakal Kaney- Soul Tamasheq (Niger) - 5:27
Famous Rappers from niger.

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine

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