mardi 11 janvier 2011

Croire à l'amour

Philippe Mordan - Les filles de Janzé

Philippe Mordan - Croire à l'amour

Giving up any attemps to make an appropriate link with the previous brilliant slayerish post, allow me to simply welcome another great trasher in this thread: the holy Philippe Mordan, one of the scarce jewels in the joyfull category of french amateur incidents 7 inches.

A lyricist we sadly have few informations on, whose lyrical sense of singing could be compared in some ways to the moving François Juno, with a more insane synthpop avalanche smashing his competitors straight to the grave. Credited as composer and artistic director, Gilbert Constanza also produced a worth listening Constanza sister's single, Elysées Night, released on the Mondo Melody label as well.

This precious list of informations wouldn't be complete without mentionning that Janzé, hot city celebrated in the song for the beauty of its titillating girls, is also one of the best places in France regarding supa-quality free-range chicken farming: Le savoir-faire à la française.

7 commentaires:

  1. J'ai entendu hier Elsa, et ce matin ça.
    De quoi la vie veut-elle se venger ?

  2. Attention Francois Juno n'a pas écris les paroles de l'an 1999. Car c'est une reprise de ça.
    En écoutant l'original on comprend plein de trucs.

  3. Ok, ce sont les aléas de ma syntaxe anglaise, je ne pensais pas présenter Juno comme "lyricist" par association. Je voyais un lien dans une certaine émotivité vocale.

  4. Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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