dimanche 17 octobre 2010

The pink portal

Togo Ken - 好きなんや

Some music artefacts are small by the size, but may concentrate in 7 inches so many elements, that they can easily turn into an iconic crossroads for those who care.

Related in many ways to the world of Tenjosajiki / Terayama Shuji, this EP was reissued in 2004 as a bonus cd to the Baramon LP edition: Baramon, "The Pink Portal", or a provocative gender-troubling poisoned sonic storm run by a group of gay and transgender comedians, with compositions by J.A.Seazer or Kawachi Kuni.

Yamashita Takeo, mighty figure renowed especially for some anime soundtracks such as Lupin III, or Sabu to ichi torimono hikae, scored this Togo Ken EP, built all around the crude yet sensible lyrics and striking singing of this long-time activist in the gay and queer scene: famous for relentlessly challenging the elections and experiencing various troubles with the censorship, it is not a surprise that Togosan crossed the way of Terayama's group, which was a nest at the time for many wild children as much a source of worries and investigation for the police regarding the high degree of social critic generated by its activities, movies, happenings and theater experiences.

I'd like to recommend the lecture of Togo Ken's detailed portrait avalaible for readers here.

Also, take this post as a first opportunity to modestly introduce here the wide world of Tenjosajiki related records: these precious testimonies for adventurous and sincere times you sometimes feel lost are avalaible thanks to the efforts of White Noise records and Belle Antique. Check the haunting Hatsukoi Jigoku Hen, or the collaged Shintokumaru, alongside the countlesses contributions of composer J.A. Seazer to other artists' records such as Carmen Maki: must-have items, burning gems.

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