samedi 10 juillet 2010

Summer rush

In the land of commercial music, Hideki Naganuma is mainly known as a videogame composer who scored some tunes on the Jet-Set Radio soundtrack (a Sega Dreamcast now cult game that didn't reach commercial success in its time despite great reviews).

Although this corporate fellow was already familiar with a kind of acid-rockish big beat & baggy-techno sound, his work the Sonic Rush DS soundtrack suddenly appeared highly boosted, pleasantly tough, catchy and frenetic, full of ghetto vocals cut-ups, edgy riffs and overvitamined beats. A specific taste was added by the fact that it was nicely crushed through the DS nasty sound engine, resulting in a no-bass / full midrange abrasive harshness.

OST was released on cd in Japan under the name Original Groove Rush.
don't wanna be blacklisted at the japanese border by uploading that kind of things... But maybe could you discretly have quick look:

>>>> HERE.

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