jeudi 15 juillet 2010

South Vietnamese Nuggets


Vietnamese take on Ananda Shankar's "Streets of Calcutta" ?

Fuka Vincente - Tempura Soul

Tali Bong - Koto Mata

Both tracks are taken from the "GI's Funk" compilation (Payback record label) which, despite its super "retarded" & "full of of clichés" liner notes, contains interesting material.
But unlike what is said, songs were not only recorded in Vietnam by US bands (during the war), as it contains Malaysian, Singapourian and South Vietnamese music too.

I believe that Tali Bong & Fuka Vincente never existed, but that these names are an alias for the one & only personn behind those two tracks.
Also, koto instrument is a traditionnal japanese one, but vietnamese classical music files it under the specific name of: Đàn Tranh.
Anyway, maybe I'm just mistaking... It is could also be taken from any japanese exploitation flick, or spy movie.(????) Mystery remains intact for me.


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