jeudi 24 juin 2010

Cochin Moon


Haruami Hosono & Yokoo - Hum Ghar Sajan

Easy transition with one fake 1978 hindi soundtrack from music maestro Haruami Hosono (after he had visited India) & credited too to a certain "Yokoo" who's no more than Tadanori Yokoo, japanese graphic designer & affichist artist, also responsible for the amazing cover art.

Well, I'm not an Hosono freak (dear Plaong or Olivier Lamm ?) so I'm afraid I wont be able impress you and I'd better leave the explication to Saltyka music blog:

"Superb. Way ahead of its time with trance-like synths and exotic world colors. The album is co-credited to famous pop (graphic) artist Tadanori Yokoo, who did the cover, but seemingly neither wrote nor played on it. I was able to get Yokoo-san to autograph my LP cover during a 1991 NYC speaking engagement. He laughed with slight embarrassment that anyone in the US would have a copy (and on vinyl). Ryuichi Sakamoto plays synths also and his playing style is evident. Hideki Matsutake, who would later do the sequencer work for YMO and front the synth-based band, Logic System, programs the sequencer here. A brilliant album. This is the first album that sounds like the Hosono we are used to."

Anyway, it is sought after & crazy rare piece of vinyl but there still some cd copies (reissued) on Amazon. Grab Yours !


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  1. Teu teu teu t'as pas le droit c'est pour moi, ça !