mercredi 12 mai 2010

The Incredible Talents of Dr Adi Tamboli


Second part of Indian electronic wizards...

Two spacey organ cuts which originally came on Adi's 1982 "Popular Movie Melodies From India" LP (covering Bollywood classics). Unfortunatly I wasn't able to recongnize any of them.

Dr Adi Tamboli - Jayen To Jaye Kanha

Dr Adi Tamboli - Ghar Aya Mera Pardeshi

"Adi understands the pain and agony of human life. He soothes his patients and brings happiness to young hearts, through his medical background and his extravagant musical talents." (back cover notes)



Only a little informations are available on the net about the keyboard maestro.
Anyway he seems to be part of a small spiritual group named the Zarathushtri community...
Playing and accompanying as some sort of music therapeutist he provides rousing music to keep all involved until late hours for jubilee celebrations etc...


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