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Bernard Estardy - 1939/2006

Bernard Estardy ( aka Le Baron de Mehouilles, The Baronet ) is the hidden genius behind many of the biggest hits in 70's French "variété" music.
As a fabulous musician and talented organist, Mister Estardy first collaborated with Nino Ferrer in the 60's, and is also the one responsible for most of "our national & tenderly regretted CLOCLO" (Claude Francois) music hits...
In the middle of the 60's, along with Georges Chatelain, he created the "experimental sound" STUDIO C.B.E !

Used to be an unfindable one, recently reissued by the VADIM record label (and identically to the original piece). Bravo guys !

gribouille - B. Estardy - 1966

Mythic record and a scarce one too, somewhere between scat, jerk with an hypnotic touch.

cha tatch ka - B. Estardy - 1969

" Le sifflet du Baron" was used as a radio theme too. Crazy one !

le sifflet du Baron - B. Estardy - 1973

Bernard's voice on A side as written & edited by "CLOCLO".

crocodile dance - B. Estardy - 1975

Lounge music meets Disco

ombilic contact - B. Estardy - 197?

Found this 7" single in Vendée, Space-Disco at its best !

disco energy - B. Estardy/J.P Boutayre - 1977

Insane break-electro-jerk "extract" of 4mn 24' signed by the " wizard " of the keyboard (excerpt from Carlos' BIG BISOU "Version Discotheque Longue Durée).

The US Graal of hipsters who want to go out and have some good time

Break-Big Bisou - C. Lemesle/J. Plait/J. Dassin/B. Estardy - 1977

La Formule Du Baron LP for donwload (via Mutant Sounds).
>>> Get the complete record HERE!

Interwiew with Bernard Estardy thanks to French Attack.
>>> Read it HERE!

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