mercredi 7 avril 2010

Tanoshii Ongaku - Panorama Camera

Obscure 10" from the 80s found in Tokyo among the tiny record stocks of Taco-che

No other informations than a few credits, mentionning Kato Ryosuke: composition / Totoko Kakizawa / Nishihata Yuki & Katakuriko: vocals / Yamaguchi Morimitsu & Kato Ryosuke: lyrics

Although it was probably produced in studio, it sounds quite typical from a certain production of that time (homemade orchestrations involving toys, keyboards, cheap acoustic or electronic instruments,...) made easier by the developpement of hometaping and the success among musicians of the first domestic multitrack recorders.

Tanoshii Ongaku - A2

Tanoshii Ongaku - A3

Tanoshii Ongaku - A4

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