lundi 19 avril 2010

Bach is back

Stone & Charden – JS Bach populaire

This is Jean-Sébastien speaking, resurrected by Eric Charden, and explaining us the secret of his everlasting popularity. Carried away by enthousiasm, he evokes his domestic wife, sunday bunny stew, a scope of fluffy children, and the competition with fellow Vivaldi. This unexpected b side shows very few classical components but a great bass line supporting high visions of mass consumerism from 1972 :

{Refrain, x2}
Achetez du J.S. Bach
Écoutez du J.S. Bach
Consommez du J.S. Bach

Egg – Fugue in D minor

Now for your souls, some mighty variations on the Fugue in D minor by british prog band Egg, that will make you go back to groovy church, at least.

JS Bach is also much appreciated by speed metalists, who like to accelerate its scores. Here is a bucolic interpretation of a french bourrée by shredder goddess Yngwie Malmsteen.

See also the headbang performance of The Great Kat, overdriving the Brandenburg Concerto on a six strings guitar. She really does a lot to promote classical repertoire on her website. Knowing that Bach has already been translated into 8beats music, next steps are logically subliminal harp. Classics never say die.

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