lundi 15 mars 2010

Tsuwa Noriko - Manjushage

Tsuwa Noriko - 紅い川

Excerpt from the 1977 debut album, Manjushage, this track is arranged by Tokihiko Morishita, who apparently made some incursions into such various fields as classic jazz, prog and anime soundtracks.

Very few infos avalaible on the obscure Tsuwa Noriko.

Strangely, unless I'm wrong with the japanese only credit infos, she seems to appear on the nice compilation Sukeban Guerrilla 女番長ゲリラ やさぐれ歌謡最前線 with the song 「ほれてふられてブルース」.

Released by Solid records, it is dedicated to female gangster's side of Toei's Pinky Violence soundtracks from the 70s, with a great variety of tunes, from cinematic funk to soft glockenspiel lullabies, under a dominant kayokyoku flavor.

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