vendredi 26 mars 2010

Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat


Shouldn't be considered as a following to my Raga Electric's post... anyway Bombay Connection label is delivering us another "curiosity" from indian music patrimony.

While acidic sounds are common in hindi musical scores since the very early 80's (and long before Jesse Saunders or DJ Pierre), an entire album dedicated to acid music is a weird case. Especially when it focuses on covering classic ragas.

Only a few informations are available about the composer Charanjit Singh. According to "Radio Diffusion" website, he had apparently been playing live for two decades. But his first single was not released until 1973. Unlike other performers who chose to pay tribute to the songs of Bollywood, Charanjit played a variety of instruments. He would feature either bass, steel guitar, the electric violin or the Transicord electric accordion as the prominent instrument on each song. He would eventually switch to the synthesizer, covering entire soundtracks.

The record is now extremly rare to come by, i'm not owning an original copy myself so the reissue is more than welcome.


Charanjit Singh - Raga Tod

More informations HERE !



And talking back about hindi acidic music comes a disco stomper taken from the Jawaani soundtrack.

R.D. Burman (Amit Kumar & Chorus) - Halla Gulla Maja Hai (Jawaani ost)

Plus one last hypnotic acid disco cut (Wanted ost).

Bappi Lahiri (Asha Boshle) - Koi Lutera (Wanted ost)

Enjoy !!

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  1. Waah !! Ça faisait longtemps que je l'avais pas écouté ce morceau. Jouissif !