mercredi 31 mars 2010

R.Gretch, C.Judrin & T.Garcia - Digital Effects

Unusual 1983 french library LP dedicated to music equipment demonstration, each track being related to a brief depiction and nerdy list of the equipment employed.
Although it is strangely supposed to promote ARIA guitars and pedals, it sound actually really synthetic, with an obvious TR-808 drumbox use that is nowhere mentionned...

Composers are not credited anywhere on the cover, but on label only, while we'll never know who was responsible for the artwork.

T.Garcia & C.Judrin - Abigail Baston
Expositions. Ambiances. Ballades.
Tempo: médium
Computer digital et Elecord ARIA AE 100 montée sur cordes nylon combinés avec pédale d'effets ARIA stéréo flanger (FL.10) et delay (AD.10)

R. Gretch & C.Judrin - B4_Embriology
Romantisme. Rêves.
Tempo: lent
Computer digital et guitare électro-acoustique ARIA AE 100 spécialement montée (cordes nylon). Accompagnement guitare ARIA RS850 avec pédale ARIA (AD.10) utilisée en mono.

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