lundi 3 mai 2010

Antilles #1

Two gems from the early 80's french caribbeans.



Philogene Astasie - Manuella

When Deb's Music was still releasing great records...Typical early Guadeloupean zouk music, hugely influenced both by biguine, gwo ka & afro cuban music.
Philogene Astasie (also known as "La Philo), appart from his solo carreer used to play trompet in many others antillean bands. He is now a lead member of La Philo Rosianne.

... As sampled by Kikifruit (Tropical Slut cd).



Kassav - Soleil

Rare & lesser known first version taken from the 1981 "Lagué Moin" album (as released on celluloid).
By far better one too, more on the dub side, it could nearly come as some kind of "discomix".
Saddly it is a short running version. Has anyone heard for a longer one, would be hihly appreciated !

4 commentaires:

  1. this is amazing!!! Love it. I love the Lague Moin which is here.

    It was edited as part of the Les Edits du Golem vinyl releases recently as La Toubana. I used the original in this minimix I did for my blog.

    But presumably you know all that :)

  2. Heya

    well no i didn't know both for that blog (french one ?) and for the Edits Du Golem edit.

    Will listen the minimix !!

  3. There's a different version of the same track under the name "Lagé Mwen Pou Mwen Pé Palé"

    The both are good. But I prefer that one.

    Check here !!