vendredi 3 juin 2011

Chandrabose - PTBMR Outsiders #1

First in a number of few posts dedicated to other fascinating Tamil / Kollywood score composers who did not appear on the tracklist of our "Play That Beat Mr. Raja #1" compilation...


Chandrabose, sometimes also known as "Chandra Bose", was a hugely popular Tamil composer who scored for around 300 movies and was kind of emblematic in the late 80's to early 90's..

Chandrabose - Kaalai Kaalai (feat S. P. Balasubramaniam & S. P. Shailaja)

At first comes one song as taken from "Manithan's score, a 1987 Kollywood blockbuster starring Rajinikanth. The movie being quite famous too for its ending with the violent and explosive death of the villain and some dreamy & beautiful music clips.


As for the anecdocte, back in 2008 when we thought for a Tamil score compilation (which was supposed to be a 2xLP record), that song was planned to appear...



Dilikku Rajavanalum - Paati Solle Thattathey

Rougher and South Indian folklore inspired second song, from "Paati Solle Thattathey"(1990) with a pic (above) taken from its cartoonish style animated generic.


To end properly comes one last extract from one of Chandrabose's most popular succes: "Raja Chinna Roja" (1989).


A S.P.Muthuraman movie based on the 1965 English Musical: "The Sound of Music".

Chandrabose - Poopoo (Raja Chinna Roja)

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