mercredi 1 juin 2011

Iran - Persians songs for children, Pari Zangeneh

Iranian music scene is one of my favorite in the all world, it's dark as the night, refined in a very special way, quite mystic. Here I want to introduce two greats albums of the sweet singer Pari Zangeneh (Pari Zanganeh in some others traductions). The first one is called "Series of music for young adults", 1978, from arranger Varoujan. Pari sings for children a selection of persian folklorics songs with poetic arrangements and a fine and sweet 70's orchestra. A love master piece for kids.

The second one is from a composer named Fariborz Lachini.
It's an audio story book named "Boze Boze Ghandi", 1989, based on a traditional Persian story. The songs and background effects are quite wild, Pari Zangeneh give her voice to the tale and sing also with Elahe Hamidi somes cool songs like you can heard in the following extract.
It's available to buy in MP3 here, with some greats others, like "Carnival of Animals" a 1979 album.

For the end we can also see Pari singing "Asmar Asmar Djan" from "Series of music for young adults" in one of her rares videos available on the web :

خداحافظی با تو خدا

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