mercredi 23 mars 2011

Open Harbour, Softcore Tourist, Foreign Exchange

Open harbour, Softcore Tourist, Foreign Exchange - mixtape

For this radio mixtape made on demand for both french magazine Telerama radio and french blog Le Musicassette, Gangpol & Mit took the opportunity to pay tribute to music and people who were influential in the making of their new record, subjectively united here under the temporary banneer of international music exchanges, mutant folkloric reappropriations, western/eastern connexions and carefully traded exoticisms in what I imagine as an old-time open international noisy harbour.

For such a legal podcast, I allowed myself to include or quote more classically celebrated bands than usual, that maybe will sound quite obvious to you. Howere, I hope that the thread will make sense, from mambo electronics to dangdut upgrades, blended traditionnal sources, and an occasional anglo-saxon tiny spoon of lyrics.

Both avalaible on Le Musicassette:

And Telerama website, with interview (in french):,67045.php

Tracklist (with links):

Intro – (With Aoki Ai Extract)
Toshiyuki Yasuda – Volevo Un Gatto Nero
Urichipangoon – Lazer Stickers n°4
Maekawa Yoko – Mahou No Mambo
Constance towers – Kumogoro 2-Go
Otomo Yoshihide feat. Hoahio Play Takeo Yamashita – Boken Gaboten Jima
Asa Chang & Junray – Parlor
Lucky Dragons – Clipped Gongs
Marsada band – Sihutur Sanggul
Bird Thong Chai – Oh la Naw
L?K?O? – Thai Village Classics Intro (+ Ubat Ni Stress A Capella)
Sakura – Dangdut Empire Remix
Lissa – Bekas Siapa
Cumbias Reventadas Vol.2 – Intro Red Music
Unknown artist – Cumbia Warrecha
Dancing Queen – Cumbia Mix
Goodiepal – Speech Extract + Flap Nippers
Francis Rimbert – Eire
Yello – Pinball Cha Cha
M.Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds – Jungle Drums
Terry Snyder – Persuasive Percussions (Taboo)
Euros Child – Like This The Try This
Children – Kaeru
Miharu Koshi – La Nokoto De La Cattleya (Cattleya No Yoru)
Keiichi Ohta – Jingaidaimakyo (Track A6)
Gangpol & Mit – Skillful finger + The 1000 People Band Part 2
Thiaz Itch – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Sparks – Under The Table With Her

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