samedi 12 mars 2011


A funny track I found on Masala, great canadian blog dedicated to current world music.

- ‪L'Xtrmst Zen - Ziggy za ziggy zi rigodon‬ (Canada / 2010) 2:11

This modern rigodon not only sounds nice, but reminds me how much I'm fond of this music even if I must admit that I know few about it: basically, a folkloric musical genre from France who spread to canada, now synonym of happy & danceable folkloric stuff in Quebec.

Another example with this track I especially love, recorded in the 30's by one of Quebec's major musical character: "La bolduc". Being the most famous popular singer of her time, influenced by folkloric music, she deserves another especially dedicated post that will follow in the near future.

- Mary Bolduc - Le joueur de violon (Canada / 1930 ) 2:14

I love the vocal gimmick she uses in this song ("Turluté" we call it in french, nice word isn't it ?): a specific vocal technique she used in many different tunes.

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