lundi 20 décembre 2010

PEDRO SANTOS (1919-1993)

At the beginning of this year the blog Brazillian nuggets have post a very rare record by this brilliant percussionnist . It's, with no doubt, the record I play the most this year. So I began to look after whatever I can find about this mystérious Pedro santos. Sadly, I realise he only record only one solo album and 2 with the guitarist Sebastiao Tapajos.

He was mostly a session musician and he play on many brazillian recording during his carrer (Jacob do Bandolim, Baden Powell, Elis Regina, Elza Soares, Milton Nascimento, …) He was also an inventor of percussion. His most famous one was the sorong, wich became his nickname. Sometimes you can find some record credited with the name Pedro sorongo.

- Pedro Santos - Dual (Brésil / 1968) 2:34

- Pedro Santos - Flor de lotus (Brésil / 1968) 3:13

This two track extract from this unique album "Krishnanda"

- Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos - Cantico Del Agua (Brésil / 1972) 1:49

- Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos - Despedida De Mangueira (Brésil / 1972) 3:11

This two extract from the eponym album "Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos Vol. 1"

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