samedi 11 décembre 2010

Antilles #4

Erick Cosaque & X7 Nouvelle Dimension - Cliché

Erick Cosaque & X7 Nouvelle Dimension - Misik Go Kwa

Following DJ Arc de Triomphe's introduction of Erick Cosaque here, the mysterious ways of second hands' fate lead my hands to another LP by Guadeloupean legend Erick Cosaque, here in company of the mysterious "X7 nouvelle dimension" unit: a progressive electric and percussive jazz nugget, which harmony could show some similarities with Lalo Schifrin or even François de Roubaix harmonies. Note that the first theme, Cliché, is composed by another guadeloupean composer Harold Abraham, while the other one is by Cosaque himself.

I have to say that this blog could dangerously dive into various electric jazz and mondo lounge excesses, a thrill that is worth begging the haitian Leon Dimanche to come and save us. Besides, his strangeness could also be our best support in these times of Christmas celebrations: beyond the lyrics, reminding us how we should take care of poor people in these times of excesses, this is so far the best bontempi chorus and charley mix you could ever dream of.

Listen & buy the FULL MASTERPIECE HERE ! Gloria in Excelcis.

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