mercredi 22 décembre 2010

Tecno San Juanitos


Desconocido (unknown artist) - Chui chui.mp3

While spending some time on the youtube looking for modern andean music I got stuck on those kind of vids coming out from Ecuador.

I was absolutely blown away with that bizarre mix of folkloric "altiplanos" music elements blended with the cheapest form of today's dance music. Sadly, it's pretty hard to get any information about it. I've been questionning some of the uploaders, and thankfully one of them sent me some music plus a little explanation...


Desconocido (unknown) - Ayayay Mi Corazon

Although it isn't by far the most popular music in Quito, "tecno sanjuanitos" (as it seems to be named) is hugely popular among ecuadorian andean people, with a consequent number of hits sung in various indigineous languages (Kishwa generally).


The cdr's i was sent were mostly filled with anonymous "Carnaveles Megamix", but there were also a few compilations dedicated to specific artists such as "Los Conquistadores" and their "Mike Jaggeresque" leader.

Los Conquistadores - Mi gitana

Si Senor !!!!

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