mardi 15 juin 2010

Take the trip !

Although "Bikers Movies" are now a bit outdated, there was a few ones before Easy Rider(1969), and a lot after.
"Bikers" do not frighten anybody anymore, it is very sad.

I haven't seen them yet, but there are two incredible movies you shouldn't miss: have a look at the "Cinémathèque" program titled CINEMA BIS.


A record I found in a secondhand in the area of Yonne, France, ten years ago !

Theme from Outlaw Riders - Lenny McDaniel - 1971

Ride on angel - Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks - 1971

OUTLAW RIDERS - Tony Houston/Anthony Cardoza - USA (1971)


" Super rare " record, ssued by the fantastic English label FINDERS KEEPERS . They are specialized in reprint of rare record !

Stone is the trip - Billy Green - 1974

Pigs - Billy Green - 1974

STONE - Sandy Harbutt - autralian(1974 )


You can buy the record of STONE at FINDERS KEEPERS RECORDS !

If you liked my post, go fast to The Big Bust Out Blog who made a special Bikers Soundtracks post, too crazy !

>>> Mondo Esoterica/Stone(1974)

One of both composers always living on OUTLAW RIDERS :
>>> Simon Stokes/Myspace

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