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A rocketfull of secrets

For you comrades, an old piece of future from French band The Rockets.

This ultimate prophecy can be found on their first and self titled LP produced by Claude Lemoine (Jordy’s dad) with the secret collaboration of Jean-Pierre Massiera, and released in 1976.

The debut album and 5 others can be intercepted here.

Well, many theories travel about the origins of humanity, the most trustworthy, after spontaneous design, says that we’ve been created by extraterrestrials, "those who came from heaven”, also known as Elohims in Hebrew. Because they were very busy, they left us in the big garden until we’ll be civilized enough to welcome them with honors. But things didn’t work out well, as you know. Millenaries went by and Elohims, disappointed by their greedy creatures, let terrestrials run to an obscure end.
This song sends us directly after the extinction of mankind, our remains have been submerged by
waves of subterranean magma. The surface of Earth is cooling, and Elohims think about a rehab. This time, they decide to replace us by four octopuses, a tribe of neurotic plants, and some silver humanoids reproducing in parthenogenesis.

The Rockets - Génèse Future

Here is their seven days’ plan, a biblical journey through gargling synthesizers that will delight the hardest Darwinians. When you’ll hear the dark voice of that French Elohim*, spreading the early seeds of green pessimism, you’ll know that we have no chance to escape the apocalypse. So, let’s share together this dream of a self-managed world by this well managed band, while there is still time.

Genèse Future

Après que la folie des hommes
Eut libéré des forces pour lesquelles
Ils n'avaient pas la connaissance
Et que la grande lueur mauvaise
Eut brulé en un jour toute la surface de la terre
Et que toute forme de vie eut disparu
Et qu'il ne resta plus qu'un océan de feu
Des magmas oubliés surgirent des profondeurs du globe
Et se refroidirent en mer de vie
Lacs de saphirs et montagnes de poudre
Alors seulement les Fils de la Connaissance
Virent que les derniers lambeaux de la malédiction humaine
S'étaient enfin dispersés aux confins de l'univers
Et décidèrent que cette planète du système d'Oran
Etait enfin bonne pour recevoir la vie.

Le premier jour, les vivants à jamais Fils de la Connaissance
Descendirent sur la terre pour faire place nette
Et chasser les petits génies solitaires et maléfiques
Qui s'installent souvent sur les planètes abandonnées
Ils virent que l'eau de la vie manquait
Et se mirent à dormir là jusqu'au soir

Le deuxième jour, ils peuplèrent mers et océans de vie
Quatre grandes méduses intelligentes
Furent chargées de régner sur le monde marin
Orion Occident Septentrion Méridion

Le troisième jour, les vivants à jamais Fils de la Connaissance
Peuplèrent les surfaces émergées
De végétaux pensants et autogérés

Le cinquième jour les Fils de la Connaissance
Peuplèrent montagnes et vallées, plateaux et plaines
D'animaux sapiens et bénéfiques
Qui se reproduisaient en parthénogenèse
Ces animaux étaient autogérés

Le sixième jour les Fils de la Connaissance
Virent que la terre était bonne
Et que l'expérience valait la peine d'être à nouveau tentée
Ils créèrent des êtres à leur image
Des humanoïdes à la peau d'acier
Chargés à jamais d'équilibrer le blanc et le noir
Le plus et le moins
Des humanoïdes à la peau d'acier
Gardiens toujours du secret

Le septième jour les Fils de la Connaissance
Se réjouirent car la terre était bonne
Dans les galaxies les plus reculées
Résonnèrent les échos d'interminables festins
Qui saluaient la nouvelle terre
Le souvenir de l’homme même, était déjà loin

I paste here a rather close version of the translation that gave me Google

Future Genesis

After the madness of men
Had unleashed forces which
They had no knowledge
And that the big bad light
had burnt in one day the entire surface of the earth
And that all life had disappeared
And only remained an ocean of fire
Forgotten magmas arose from the depths of the earth
And cooled in sea of life
Sapphire lakes and mountains of powder
So only the Sons of Knowledge
Saw that the last remnants of the human curse
were finally dispersed at the confines of the universe
And decided that this planet from Oran
Was good to finally receive life.

The first day, the forever living Sons of knowledge
Descended on earth to make a clean
And hunt the small solitary geniuses evil
Who often squat the abandoned planets
They saw that the water of life was missing
And began to sleep until the evening

The second day, they populated the seas and oceans of life
Four large and smart jellyfishes
Were responsible for ruling the marine world
Orion West Septentrion Meridion

The third day, the forever living Sons of knowledge
Populated the surface of the land
With plants thinking and self managed

The fifth day the Sons of Knowledge
Populated mountains and valleys, plateaus and plains
With animals and beneficials sapiens
To be reproduced in parthenogenesis
These animals were self managed

The sixth day the Sons of Knowledge
Saw that the earth was good
And the experience was worth it to be attempted again
They created beings in their own image
Humanoids with skin of steel
Accrued to balance the white and black
The most and least
Humanoids with skin of steel
Goalkeepers always of the secret

On the seventh day the Sons of Knowledge
Rejoiced because the land was good
In the most distant galaxies
Sounded echoes of endless feasts
Who greeted the new land
The memory of man himself, was already far

The whole album is a cheesy comet, overflew by staggering cosmovisions, crashing saucers, a poor cover of “Apache” powered by French dressing, and a lot of those solitary nuggets that often hide in the worst songs. In the mid eighties, the singer left the rocket. Fortunately their silver leggings and cataclysmic poetry had already gained international recognition in Roma.

The Rockets - Femme de métal

Their foretelling of the future woman is also to be heard, for exemple in the Galaxy lp, where our young philosophers face female technical autonomy, and make “femme de métal” rhymes with “débile mentale”. That one won’t be difficult to translate.

*singer Christian Le Bartz

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