jeudi 3 février 2011

Boogie Boogie: West African Synthie Nuggets #1

Love it or hate it, African Boogie music is largely underrated... I believe few blogs around have accorded and shown interest & with most record labels exclusively focusing on Fela's contemporeans & heritage it seems there is no place for those cheesy pieces of west african pop-funk songs.


Dizzy K. - Fummi Love

Dizzy K. (Fofola) who is generally considered as an iconic african Boogie figure cut 6 records, all of them engineered by the mighty Tony Okoroji (music producer but also "auteur" for the afro pop gem "Mama & Papa") whome I believed had a huge influence on Dizzy's electrofunk compositions due to surprising similarities between both artists.

Today Mr. Fofola (now a Londoneer resident), is making a living as a succesfull gospel interpret...


> For some more "sweet Dizzy K. music", have a visit at "With Comb & Razor" who uploaded a couple more songs.


Al Diamond - Tashi Mu Taka (Hausa)

> Sorry guys but I wasn't able to find serious informations, any comments regarding Al Diamond would be greatly appreciated.


William Onyeabor - Let's Fall In Love

As taken from the B side of african synthi wizard W.O.'s LP: "Good Name". A two track killer Lp (his biggest record on demand) which despite of not being considered by specialists as real Boogie musics is full of bizarre & progressive synth driven funk songs just like his latter efforts.

> The long promised Onyeabor's anthology post should come soon.


Emma Dorgu - I Missed My Favourite Tune

As far as I know and considering the record list on discogs "Girl" is Emma Dorgu's lattest record. Pretty different from his earlier LPs & much less sophisticated african disco-funk style songs, by far my favourite record. There is also an instrumental dub mix for the song on the B side.

> An E.D.'s song can be found on the recently released compilation "Lagos Disco Inferno" as compiled by Frank from Voodoo Funk.


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  1. great stuff. hey, no not nyet has posted at least three great onyeabor albums:

    would totally love to get more from that dude. he is all wizard!

  2. hi, you're the guy from Ghostcapital, nice to hear from you !

    I didn't know for that no not nyet blog already, thanks for the tip

    Yes post should follow

  3. Hé oui, On peut maintenant trouver tout onyeabor sur des blogs assez facilement.

  4. non en fait 3 albums sur 9 seulement sont dispos