mardi 4 janvier 2011

Ziad Rahbani #1 - Instrumental Hits Of Fairuz


Composer, stage director, comedian & virtuoso pianist, Ziad Rahbani son of Libanese pop superstar Fairuz & Assi Al-Rahbani is both an iconic & controversial figure in Middle Estern countries. Appart from his contribution to many succes of his mother is the man behind many remarquable scores for various Libanese, Egyptian movies...


Ziad Rahbani - Al Yadi El Yadi

While digging for rare soundtracks from the man (a post should follow soon), I felt on that record compiling rearranged instrumental tracks from the Lebanses diva. There's not much more to say, anyway those of you dear readers familiar with the likes of Vladimir Cosma or Francois De Roubaix should highly enjoy the songs posted above.

At last a Mozart's Symphony N. 40 cover.

Ziad Rahbani - Ya Ana Ya Ana


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  1. Bordel , j'adore !!!!
    T'as le 33 t !?

  2. Non, cd te charge le disque complet sous peu

  3. génialissime !!!
    je veux bien le cd aussi ...