jeudi 6 janvier 2011


I love Trash Metal, but it's a such  conservative music style ! So when I find several good examples of Latin metal stuff, I want to tell it to the whole world.

- Sonido del principe - Reign in cumbia (Hollande/2009) 3:51

The best digital cumbia's producer pay his due to the best trash band ever : Slayer and his ultra classic "Reign in blood".

- Sepultura - Chaos B.C. (Brésil/1996) 5:11

Remix from a trash anthem in a batucada way.

- Asesino - Triquiado (Usa/2006) 4:14

Brutal Mexican stuff !


Wicked vidéo of Paralenos, a combo from argentina's who releaseed in 2002 this song about Megadeth, in a popular cumbia style.

Salsa lovers, Fuck you !

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