mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Parang Christmas Music (Kings & Queens Of Chutney #2)


Drupatee Ramgoonai - Christmas Time

Combining elements from both Trinidadian & Tobagoian music, indian migrants folklore & Venezualian folk music heritage from the Spanish Rule, Parang Music, which is mostly performed for Christmas, is kind of a strange case...

First, check Drupatee Ramgoonai's (80's Chutney superstar) classic, a song featured on most of Parang Christmas compilations around.



Kenneth Salick - Bone

Extra Parang joint with the "outsider": Kenneth Salick, a 50 years old Trinidian farmer who wrote the "Radica" hit song in 2009 & won the Chutney Soca Monarch 2k9. Appart from that, he is also one of the few Chutney artist not to sing only about "rum rum rum" or "roti" (think Rikki Jai)...

Bring the Sitar, bring the Tabla, it's Christmas Time !

> Kings & Queens Of Chutney Music #1

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