mercredi 13 octobre 2010

Le coeur fou

Ewa Swann - Pour quelques secondes

Ewa Swann - Le coeur fou

Extract from Le Coeur Fou OST, with an insidious arrangement by Jean-Claude Vannier in which the Ewa swann's vocal, so close to Françoise Hardy or Jane Birkin, slides on a viciously detuned beautiful lament background.

Unique incursion in the field of chanson for this slightly forgotten actress from the 70s, who used to be a soft eroticism icon, but also used to share the cast with actors like Michael Lonsdale, Bruno Cremer or Marie-Christine Barraut.

Considering her filmography in details, you won't be surprised to sometimes find the name of Claude Mulot, both famous for the cult La Rosé écorchée (The Blood Rose) reissued by Mondo Macabro, director of tough movie La Saignée, but also writer or director for an impressive amount of 70s french rascal items: On se calme et on boit frais à Saint Tropez, Sexyrella ... And another, well, perfumed skin related one, casting another legendary singing actress the next post is gonna be related to.

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