samedi 25 septembre 2010

L' ordinateur

Computer is a regular source of inspiration for singers.
Today, I'd like to introduce three artists who were afraid of a big computer.

Here we have a warning against the machine of futur !

Le grand ordinateur - P. Abrial/Le Bellego/J. Plait - 1969

In this one, Mr Computer is described as someone who doesn't know how to laugh and sing as children!

L'ordinateur - l'Abbe Noel Colombier - 196?

Last but not least, this jazzy piece was used for a film with Alain Delon titled "Pour la peau d'un flic". There is however no computer in history !

Ordinateur 333 - André Lutereau - 197?

Detailed links (in french) regarding these historical artists:
>>> Patrick Abrial
>>> Noel Colombier

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