samedi 14 août 2010

Michel Piccoli, my master !

Michel Piccoli is the greatest French actor, well ahead of our National Gégé. He is a superstar, he is capable of anything.

I present a series of very naughty pictures from a very strange movie entitled GRANDEUR NATURE "Live Size"(1974). A story of love doll !

PRIVÉ MAGAZINE - avril 74 N°6 mensuel

A very sensual adaptation of a poem by Ovide, the great Latin poet.
And as B side, a beautiful 45rpm disco bullshit by Pierre Perret and Bernard GERARD.

Michel Piccoli - l'art d'aimer- Ovide/B. Gerard/P. Perret - 1976

Michel Piccoli - Alors, c'est oui ? - P. Perret/B. Gerard/J. Rocher - 1976

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