mercredi 30 juin 2010

When they came to take him away #2

Story is, just after releasing the Ptose's tape material compilation, Loic from the Chocomix team came after me & submitted the idea for a whole record entirely dedicated to the Napoleon XIV song, asking contomporean artists to pay tribute.
Due to complications (lack of organisation, gigs to come, others projects etc) the idea went away...

Around 2005 and a bit earlier, I, can remember for a WFMU post compiling the 21 versions of the song, I'm not able to give you any link as it seems to be broken.
Consider those two following posts as some kind of re up!

Also spending crazy time digging for music from around the globe I've been long fantasming on arabic, cumbia related or soukous maybe etc "Take Me Away" covers. Has anybody heard for such exercise ?


Teddy & Darrel - They Took You Away, I'm Glad, I'm Glad

In 1966 Teddy & Darrel released a whole album (These Are the Hits, You Silly Savage!!!!) of limp-voiced, gay satiric novelties starring "Strangers In The Night" "These Boots Are Made For" & "They Are Coming To Take Me Away" music covers".

> The entirety of Teddy & Darrel music was rerelased some time ago on the "Here's Queer To The Core!" comp (Quick Nuts Rds)
> Some more Teddy & Parrel Music can be found on the "Queer Noises" compilation (Trikont record label)



Lard - They're Coming To Take Me Away

This is it: best "Take Me Away" cover ever !
Best apocalyptic party song ever too !

Jello Biaffra plus Ministry's members (including its brainchild Al Jourgensen) team up for insane & devastating music action.

> As taken from Lard's second record (The Last Tempatation of Reid) and released on Jello's very own label Alternative Tentacles (yes the one which gave us Wesley Willis)


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  1. few different language versions of the song are on this page: (under "Songs About Insanity")

  2. L'album de Teddy & Darell a été aussi posté sur WFMU.

  3. there's a version by Brezel Göring on the album Psykoscifipoppia.