dimanche 13 juin 2010

Rain songs

Today Cartilage Consortium celebrates Poetry. The “Marché de la poésie” takes place this sunday at Saint-Germain-des-prés, with hundred of poets sat in front of their books, and waiting for the rain to come. We have decided to help.

The song above was titled “Poésie” by “Les Dispensés de Gym”. We already exhumed talented songwriters, but those are champions. I got this Lp from my uncle who was dj in the Rouergue (Aveyron). It’s a live concert recorded at the Cultural Center of Capdenac. I couldn’t find more infos on “Maurice Ambiance”, “Granit”, “Salmacis”, “Emile Rock des Champs”, “Anathème” or “Attentat”, the other bands featured on the vinyle. This compilation probably never reached the borders of the county, and it's a pity. Capdenac was the center of the French counterculture in 79, you can’t ignore it any longer.

Les Dispensés de Gym - Poésie

Exempted of Fitness

In this tenderness that sometimes I know
This island of touch in this haven of peace
The unfathomable mystery in an installment unfathomed
As one block of sand among rocks

Poetry, I make poetry
Poet Poet

At night in my bed with my girlfriend
I do not want, I prefer the body of Lili
In this fatal outcome, in this kinetic
Known in the annals of naive memory
In this game of chance, lost forever
A hidden out of sight like a flower
A flower without season that time forgot
To flourish without reason and shiver in the wind

Poetry, I make poetry
Poet Poet

At night in my bed with my girlfriend
I do not want, I prefer the body of Lili
In that word so vulgar and both noble
Or once a commoner, the name comes from the kings
One night, intoxicated, your crazy muse began to rave
Poetry of my ass

Poetry, I make poetry
Poet Poet

Guitar solo

Les Inconnus / Dousseur de vivre - Poésie (Chanson hard rock)

“Les Inconnus“ were a beloved trio of humorists in the nineties. They never knew “Les Dispensés de Gym”, but they faked lyrism of french hard rockers so good that their song stayed in memories. Still i first heard the name of Deep Purple in that video. You can measure the achievement of the mimicry below :

Sweet life

Listen your heart for a little
It teaches you tenderness
What does your soul desire ?
The delicacy

God created love
The day of the 7th day
A love so fragile
It was made of clay
It is said in the Gospel
Found in your head
Your soul of poet
Remember how it’s great
The scent of violets
In a field of daisies

Follow me
All is order and beauty
Luxury, calm and voluptuousness
Gives a meaning to your life
By putting the PO --- E ---TRY

Let your heart beat
It teaches you wisdom
Lets talk about your soul
She wants a hug
God wanted to love you
That's why he made you
With the clay
It is not hogwash
It is said in Genesis

You need Azure
Open sea and fresh air
So escape the threat
Of mass phenomena
The screams of the populace

Follow me

Guitar Solo: Jesu, meine Freude bleibet Johann Sebastian Bach

In the years 2000 inspiration doesn't seem to come easier. This charming young man likes to tease the muse half nude. Sometimes it helps. His name is Sylvain Courtoux. “La poésie est ma petite amie” was released in 2008 on his first album “Vie et mort d’un poète de merde” (Life and death of a shity Poet) at Al Dante publishing. Very Baudelairian. He’s doing some prose too. You can get his books here.

Poetry is my girlfriend
polkacore version

I spent some time writing this crap
At night in my bed to write poetry
It passed the time but I do not know why
Texts i sent they did not want
Becoming a poet to be published by Gallimard
It would still be nice
But there are some who are mocking
I would have liked to be a fucking poet
To subsidize but to publish especially
Because poetry is my girlfriend
She puts condoms and I listen rock
I have lots of friends poets like myself
Who does not publish except on the net
Where there are cool stuff
But poetry is a true life
And we get not bored
Because poetry, I like to say some things
Because I'm too lazy to write a novel
I tinker texts I sampled on sex
Listening Haniel Joseph (?) Damn it does well
Because poetry it does not pay
There are even some who died before seeing their books at Auchan
Because poetry I love this medium too
We spit on each other, the better sodomy
And then there are even some who do not have enough
Who publish journals to get sucked
Poetry is my girlfriend
I play all the time even she does not want me
Poetry is a quiet job
Especially when you earn a good RMI
I love poetry, i love poetry, i love poetry, so poetry
I love poetry,i love poetry, i love poetry, is poetry

One day it's true, I'll go at Ardisson's
Poetry leads also to a life of con
One day it's too true, I will be at Ardisson's
Because poetry leads to a life of con

I close that post with my all times favorite shiter, Antonin Artaud, who spent three years confined in the asylum of Rodez (Aveyron), to receive fifty electroshocks. Those “Sound effects and my cry in the stairs” come from his radiophonic piece about farting and infinity “To have done with the judgement of God”, censored in 47 by the French broadcasting. True hardcore.

Antonin Artaud - Bruitage et mon cri dans l'escalier

Next week we’ll go on picnic, sharpen your sandwich dudies.

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  1. Wouha,
    Quel tafon pour la traduction des chansons en Angliche .
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  2. heureusement il y a Google trad, pas vrai mon Chris (:V