mardi 1 juin 2010

Mother's day after party

Audition - Femme au foyer

Today is Mother’s day after party on Cartilage Consortium.
The song is called « Femme au foyer », housekicking feminism by two French gurlz, Jess & Jen, produced by Vicarious Bliss in the year 2006. Needless to say those bathrooms trained furies wrote their songs themselves, and knew how to lubricate their mic. I saw them once in a bar, made up outrageously and shouting loud at the crowd. When you reach a certain level of excitement, you don’t need to play exactly the guitar.
I asked a friend what happened to them. He told me they stopped touring few months after that gig. One got pregnant, and the story of the band ended there. Seems that kind of thing happens to the best of us. Anyhow, they left three furious songs on myspace, and few action pictures.
Audition, if you hear us, please, come back !

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