jeudi 27 mai 2010

Push the button bro

A lot of confirmed artists chanted their love for computers : Dani, France Gall, Xenakis, Bruce Haack, Doris Norton, Theorical girls, Zapp & Roger, Kraftwerk, Michel Polnareff (although he was dating on Minitel), Annie Cordy and many others. Then Major Tom Anderson created Myspace and everybody could share this passion with the world. And we, fellow citizens of the internet, are gratefull persons. Here is a florilège of songs dedicated to the websites that turned our lives into a cyberzoo. When inspiration meets finest technology.

The Kings of Myspace were maybe the first to kick social networking in 2006. That was the golden age of animated gif. Their vid has been watched 2 796 166 times, imagine every fan had sent them a dollar.

Myspace inspires a lot of dabster rappers. Those two ganstas are digging it from their bed, they must be over 18 now.

Above, another bedroom celebrity doing prevention. And there a cover of “Grease” by a comment addict.

I end the myspace chapter with a love/hate couple of songs about Tom Anderson. The first comes from a californian bard called Plinkaplink, he wrote an ode to his favorite CEO in 2007. Tom had already sold us to Murdoch, but he's still in his top 5. The one below was posted anonymously on a forum, and hits pretty hard.

Then a search engine starts to absorb every information on you. So if you were looking for your self, you could Google it. Teyana Taylor, for exemple, does it pretty well. This guy, Waka Flocka Flames, somewhat less. Check his mixtape “Salute me or Shoot me”, you’ll understand. A slam about Googlemap, anyone ?

And one day we got tagged in Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Nothing really changed excepted that we spent even more time connected, and lost total control on privacy. For real.

Meanwhile another american website was channeling the overflow of internet exchanges. An auction database where you could sell your boyfriend and buy the socks of Juri Gagarin (a bargain). Indoor surfing begun to have concrete impacts in the cupboards. Here is the Weird Al Yankovic tribute to Ebay.

Of course, all this wouldn’t have been possible without personnal TV broadcasting. That’s the conclusion of Sandstorm88, who felt free to post 62 videos of him and his guitar on Youtube. “Every body needs to do what they do”, you said it bro.

Newcleus - Computer age (original club version)

Yes we’ve been warned, and that's my mp3 upload for the week, Newcleus' “Computer age”, released in 1984. How many orwellian songs were written that year ? That would make a good post. Now push the button.

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