mardi 6 avril 2010

French Beat Vol 1 - - - 1984

2 records relevant of the now-sound of 1984 France !

--- "SMURFIN' KIDS" = promotional 12" for K-WAY raincoats, produced by PUBLICIS. Interesting commercial attempt to surf - smurf ! - on the 1984 cooool. Though 2 details spoil the cool: the over-cool lyrics, and the mistake on "smurf": "smurf" exists only in France & Germany - it's actually "popping" ! READ THAT

Smurfin kids

Smurfin kids -instrumental

--- "LE CLUB - ATTENTAT À LA COULEUR" = very schön fluo cover, with discreet evocations of graffiti culture ! LE CLUB was an early 80's band which made 3 12".
Again here, the lyrics want so much to play on a cool attitude that it spoils the intention:
French people will note Alex Bauer on guitar and Manu Katché on drums - and Nelly Co-Quat singing: she was one of the dancers in the film "Marche à l'ombre".

These 2 records are related by their use of nearly the same chords & beat.

Le Club - Attentat à la couleur

Le Club - Attentat à la couleur instrumental

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