samedi 6 août 2011

Sundanese calung: Darso

Darso - Modern Calung - track B2

Darso - Modern Calung - track B3

A floating tempo principle inherited from traditional sundanese music played with Calung (a bamboo tube xylophone from the west Java), blended with soft MIDI tambourine and drums, give to these tracks from indonesian superstar Darso a specific and titillating sound that makes me feel highly grateful to my wise friend Makiko who kindly brought me the original tape back from her last travel here.

Trying to dig Darso's impressive career that goes from the 70s - with more psyche-related material - to recent karaoclips that remain full of unexpected ingredients, a search on the insanely completist Madrotter blog for more will lead you to this creme de la creme synthy jewel piece of him featuring Detty Kurnia. So good and underrated that I can't resist to include an excerpt:

Darso & Dety Kurnia - 03 Datang Deui

Brilliant all way long, get the whole thing from Madrotter >>> HERE

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow! What a peculiar music style I had never heard of. THANK YOU!

    Just discovered your blog tonight and really enjoy it. Will be back!

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