lundi 28 février 2011

Boogie Not Boogie #2: More West African Disco & Synthie Nuggets


Joe Moks - Boys & Girls

First I'd especialy like to thank Eric D. Johnson, who soon after reading for the first "Boogie post" pointed me on the freshly released compilation "Brand New Wayo" as compiled by Uchenna Ikonne from "With Comb & Razor" and released on the eponym's label.

Think for some forgotten Shina Williams hypnotic disco cut recorded at Wilfilms Studios and you got what's in my opinion the compilations's highlight moment.


> Get the record!



Tony Okoroji - Whishing You Well

I know this could sounds ridiculous as I've only came accross three songs only; but actually I have to recognize I'm a huge Tony Okoroji fan!
I know for two records but they might be some more. Is this "typical" boogie stuff, I'm not so sure but as the man was involved producing many boogie artists including Dizzy K. Fafola (as mentionned in the previous post) i thought i had to include one song i do love especially (I'm insisting)

Very special thanks to Naija Kendo for providing a clean mp3.


Kingsley Bucknor - Someone Is Talking And Shouting

Who Kingsley Bucknor was, I have no clue & the sleevery art don't help me much. By the way, this is the only song filled with "Moroderesque" synhtie sound from the record...

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