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Christian Bruhn

Successful both as a composer and music producer, Christian Bruhn did not only score the music for films he's often known for in his long career, but also wrote 2000 nearly songs for stars such as Johnny Mathis, Roy Black, Freddy Quinn, Peter Alexander, Katja Ebstein and french singer like Mireille Mathieu, France gall etc...

In the 70 and 80, he worked primarily on televisin series for which he created various distinctive soundtracks: remember his work on the series "Wickie"(72), "Capitain Future"(74), "Sinbad"(76), "The Red Zora and his gang"(79), "Timm Thaler"(79), "Silas life"(81), "Jack Holborn"(85) or "The door Wichert next"(86).
Through these works was developped a good mix of synthetic German disco and funky contemporary music.


Captain Future - Christian Bruhn(1974)

Gefahr - Christian Bruhn(1974)


Timm Wird Gejagt - Christian Bruhn(1979)

Dass Boot - Christian Bruhn(1979)


Sindbad Titellied - Christian Bruhn(1976)


Akropolis Adieu - Mireille Mathieu/Christian Bruhn(1975)

Zwei Kleine Italiener - Conny Froboess/Christian Bruhn(1962)

Heidi - Gitti & erika/Christian Bruhn(1974)


Titre Bonus for the Juicy Music From German Commercials 1960-1975

Ford Capri II - Christian Bruhn


>>> Christian Bruhn Herzlich Willkommen

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