jeudi 11 novembre 2010

La mort d'Orion

« Où l’Horizon prend fin, où l’œil jamais de l’homme n’apaisera sa faim, au seuil enfin de l’Univers, sur cet autre revers trouant le ciel de nuit, d’encre et d’ennui profond, se font et se défont les Astres »

La mort d'orion: introduction - Gérard Manset - 1969/70

La mort d'orion: où l'horizon prend fin - 1969/70

Written in 1969 and recorded 1970, the symphonic rock oratorio "Death of Orion" is one of Manset's greatest work on arrangements in a chanson format. At that time, he was one of the few songwriters-producers to own his own recording studio: there occured many artists such as William Sheller or Ange.
Death of Orion is enlightened by the deep voice of Giani Esposito, and the clear tone of Anne Vanderlove, one of the most beautiful voice in the Latin Quarter, who brought her specific sweetness as a counterpoint.

The aura of mystery which developed around Manset arose from the scarcity of his media appearances, the lack of concerts, and moreover his belonging to a tradition of out-of-fashion characters: uncompromising, singular and poetic in his work. Every new album is a great and rare event, sometimes with defaults but always renewed, celebrated by an enthisiastically addicted community.

Death of Orion followed Manset's decision to produce in 1968 his own first EP Animal we are wrong

From the album "Death of Orion":

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