samedi 2 octobre 2010

Per Two

African Disco Pop Goodies (and rarities)...


Carlos & Miki - Walking Down The River

As usual with most african releases of that period only a little little informations are available around. Seemed Carlos & Miki was some kind of super band comprised of personnalities which were both involved into solo carreers... 1980 released on the Afrodisia records: Decca Nigeriasub label (Joy Nwosu, Bennis Cletin, Leonard Okpala etc)

> Mp3 record For Sale.



N'Draman Blintch - Seguir

Collectors holy grail for this one. Might be due to the fact that one was recorded at Wilfilms: William Onyeabor's own studio recordings.
What was W.O. exact involvment into the record; i don't have any clue as that second and last N'Draman Blintch single is far from the one previously released on his own private Cosmic Recordings.

> An Onyeabor post will follow soon containing various extracts from his discography.

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