samedi 22 mai 2010

O.G.S.T. (Cavalli, Megri & Chatham)

In reponse to Zaltan's (WRCP Radio Show) proposition, asking me to play rock, pop & guitar oriented music, comes three yesterday played tracks...


Pierre Cavalli - Un soir chez Norris

Raw & epic 2 tracks single from the vaults of jazz and session virtuoso guitarist: Pierre Cavalli. Released in 1971 & soundtrack to an obscure tv programm from Switzerland.



Les Freres Megri - Kellemtini

Typical early 70's maghrebian progressive pop music blend with both berberian, arabic and western elements. (think like Les Abranis, Sophian, Mesreyen Band etc).



Rhys Chatham - Drastic Classicism For Electric Instruments

Rhys Chatham well known for his harsh and hypnotic guitar playing delivers another fantatsic no-wavey guitar cut. Released on the 1982's "New Music from Antarctica - Volume 1" compilation which was supposed to be some kind of music'companion to an art videocassette (of the same name).

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