mercredi 14 avril 2010

Portsmouth Sinfonia (Bad Bad Music)


Formed in the early 70's by british composer Gavin Bryars and commonly known as "World's Worst Orchestra".
It first included students from the Portsmouth School of Art but anyone could join regardless of their musical skills.
The band was a combination of non musical talents and comprised of well known music talents too such as Brian Eno (a close Gavin Bryars collaborator with whom he released experimental music's pillar record, "Discreet Music" in 1976)...

Strangely it became extremely popular & a real music phenomenon till the early 80's. The orchestra recorded several singles, three Lp's (amazing live album recorded at Royal Albert Hall in 1974) and played many shows around the world.

The orchestra ceased playing but rumours are the complete discography is about to be released soon and shows to come...

Very first three music extracts taken from Portsmouth Orchestra's debut record "Plays The Popular Classics" (released in 1973 on Transatlantic Rds).

Portsmouth Sinfonia - Also Sprach Zarathustra

Portsmouth Sinfonia - William Tell Overture

Portsmouth Sinfonia - Blue Danuve Waltz, op. 314



One more sample taken from their second & lesser known (but still as great) "20 Classic Rock Classics".

Portsmouth Sinfonia - Apache


According to Bernard Maitre (from Le Theatracide), the same orchestra experience was conducted in France at Le Casino De Paris. Including french only members such as humourist & comedian Michel Colucci, amongst others...

Portsmouth Sinfonia's website HERE!

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